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My life has always been a Rollercoaster

My life has always been a rollercoaster of challenges and hardship but the unusual obstacles I faced have made me a stronger and more resourceful person When I was growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya life was rarely beautiful or full of smiles Every single day I woke up without a pantry full of food in fact not having any food was my usual routine On days when my parents made too little money from their jobs as maids I would have to rely on myself to get food that day I would walk to the local restaurants and start begging for food I met some kind hearted chefs and customers who would give me food but other days I would spend the night starving and holding onto hope for the next day That was the real key to surviving my childhood persistence and hope School was too expensive for my family so I sent most of my days walking around my neighborhood with my friends Since I missed this opportunity in my younger years I now know that I must push myself to work hard for my education especially since I have received a much better chance to achieve my educational goals When I was about ten years old my family was given the opportunity to have a new life by moving to the United States After immigrating here I thought my life was going to be like a dream come true

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External auditor independence defined as ethical of the Auditor

MEANING OF THE EXTERNAL AUDITOR INDEPENDENCE External auditor independence defined as ethical of the auditor from parties that must be the profession for the financial interest of the business being audited Basically the role of external auditor independence is supervisor process that requires independence to give the opinion as to whether the annual accounts of the company reflect a true and fair view in the financial position of the company follow required by IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard Furthermore External Audit process is valid if it follows the regulated by law and by audit standard ISA

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