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Macroeconomics is defined as the study of Economics

Macroeconomics is defined as the study of economics in relation to the whole exploring a variety of factors Unlike Microeconomics which places its focus on aggregated sectors Although macroeconomics encompasses a broad field it may be loosely broken down into two disciplines the business cycle and economic growth The business cycle involves the examination of cause and effect of short term fluctuations Whereas economic growth examines the factors which help determine long term growth In the case of Home Depot the CEO is convinced that financial analysis should hinge only on what is happening internally within the company The task set forth is to provide a substantive argument to persuade him otherwise Analysis of the Implications of Interest Rate Changes Changes in interest rates an external factor for which the company has no control provide a convincing case as to why the CEO should not focus solely upon internal factors regarding financial analysis Interest rates are incorporated in determining the company's weighted average cost of capital WACC This figure is utilized in several financial analyses For example WACC is applied when calculating the present value of estimated future cash flows FCF Previous analysis of the FCF indicates a negative present value when the interest rate is 8 This is calculated by using the formula PV FVN 1 I N where I is the interest rate and N is the number of years Changes in the WACC would therefore cause a change in the present value PV For example if interest rates decline from 8 to 5 the present value would change from negative 425 78 million to negative 460 69 million 

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The Diary of Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

The Diary of Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl is a series of diary entries that describe the events that a girl named Anne Frank lived through This diary is one of the most famous and influential books that was introduced It was written by a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank who describes her time hiding in a secret bunker with her family Eventually the bunker gets raided and the families are brought to concentration camps This diary took place in the Secret Annex located in Amsterdam The Secret Annex was a shelter Anne s family and friends used to hide in While hiding in the bunker Anne created a lot of memories with her friends and family She shared the bunker with another family known as the Van Daans and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer who was known as Mr Dussel The Van Daans consist of a mother father and a son known as Mrs Van Daan Mr Van Daan and Peter Van Daan The time period the Diary was written was during World War Two which is the second world war This event lasted around 6 years in the years of 1939 1945 In World War Two the Allies United States Soviet Union Great Britain France and China and the Axis Powers Germany Italy

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