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How the rule of law protects citizens against unlawful executive action

In the course of this essay I will discuss in relation to the two schools of thought on the Rule of Law and how the rule of law protects citizens against unlawful executive action due to the government being restrained from acting without authority whilst focusing on whether its precise content goals and application continues to lack clarity The rule of Law is well known to not have a single agreed definition but actually multiple opposing meanings although the core of the rule of Law can be lifted from Tom Bingham All persons and authorities within the state whether public or private should be bound by and entitled to the benefit of laws publicly and prospectively promulgated and publicly administered by the courts 1 The leading concept of the rule of law is that the law should secure the relationship between the government and the people therefore protecting the people from excessive governmental power The rule of law is the idea that the law should govern protect and apply to all conduct and behaviour which also includes both private and public officials thus it highlights its main notions that no one is above the law there is equality for all before the law and that despite anything that the law is always applied Moreover I will now focus on the two schools of thought that are one of the most obvious reasons of its multiple definitions 

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Swahili language Study

As a Boren Fellow I would like to pursue the combination of language study and overseas academic internship for one year I will begin my Swahili language study in June of 2018 at the University of Florida in the African Flagship Languages Initiative AFLI summer program AFLI offers intensive summer sessions of the Swahili language at the beginning intermediate and advanced levels and workshops for teaching best practices and newly developed language learning tools The summer program consists of 20 hours of classroom instruction per week and a homestay with an African family for one weekend From August 2018 to November 2018 I will study Swahili at the Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Eastern and Southern Africa MS TCDC located in Arusha Tanzania MS TCDC offers an intensive Swahili program that provides 20 hours of language instruction per week focusing on grammar conversation history and culture Classes are small with multiple individual tutorials and approximately four hours per week of work with a language partner There will be regular assignments outside of class bi weekly trips to cultural and historic sites and meetings with guest speakers

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