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If there was a way that the Icelandic Recession could have been Prevented

The one question we need to ask if there was a way that the Icelandic Recession could have been prevented Was there a way that it could have been stopped Three main things that needed to take place to prevent such a thing was for the takeover of the domestic operations of the three largest banks in Iceland get immediate help from the IMF and an approach to the EU Taking these approaches could have significantly saved this all from happening in the first place A loss of confidence in the banks by the international financial markets and international rating agencies was a factor that started this in 2006 The mini crisis lasted for a little bit but seemed to come back and lst in 2008 to play a role in the financial crisis Concerns began and started building up in 2005 The rapid growth of credit under some conditions such as Iceland was experiencing is a clear indication of an impending banking crisis There was concerned with the credit growth in the CEE countries as part of the countries where a boom was in happening including Iceland
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