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Design Brief Scientists cannot deny that the burning of Fossil

Design Brief Scientists cannot deny that the burning of fossil fuels adds to the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere The Industrial Revolution led to humanity burning more fossil fuels than ever before thus the CO2 levels increased to more than a third higher than what they had been for the past couple hundred years Central Climate 3 Based on measures taken on the ground and through satellite it is undeniable that this increase in atmospheric CO2 causes a rise in global temperature increasing ocean temperatures rising sea levels as the warmer air melts glaciers and ice caps changes in vegetation and an increase in cloud cover Furthermore the increase in sea levels causes river flooding and the rising heat causes more evaporation on land and from the oceans thus causing more rain or snow in some areas and more droughts in others The increase in ocean temperatures can also cause major currents to change speed which can affect weather patterns the same is true of wind force and direction Climate Central 5 These temperature changes also affect animals that are accustomed to their environments forcing them to migrate to find the conditions that they have already adapted to Not to mention the oceans will absorb the extra 

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