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In Victorian times there were so many Novelists

In Victorian times there were so many novelists who had great influence at this age One of the great writers of the Victorian age is Charles John Huffam Dickens or we know Charles Dickens He has many works especially novels and short stories that are very global Because of his outstanding contributions and genius in literature he deserves to be called The Best British Novelist and he is actively involved in social work Wikipedia As one of the great figures in the literary world this essay will discuss his life his work and how his work is influenced by his historical background at the time Dickens was born on February 7 1812 in Portsmouth He was a son of a family with difficulties in economy because of his father s carelessness in managing finances When Dickens was 12 years old he was sent to work in a dirty grassy dirt house This is what makes his hopes doomed to a decent education However after his father got out of jail he was able to continue his education again However after his father left the prison he started school again Early in his career he worked at a law firm But according to him the law is not very compatible with him And then He started to become a reporter Dickens began work as a reporter at True Sun 1830 1832 Mirror of Parliament 1832 1834 and The Morning Chronicle 1834 1836 and he was known as an accurate and fast reporter 

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