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The development planning preparation and managing of a device called Elektra

Senior Space Operations Abstract The following business proposal presents a conceptual research for the development planning preparation and managing of a device called Elektra with the sole purpose to be installed in any payload that goes to outer space initially to Low Earth Orbit and act as a space debris mitigatory when the satellite is approaching to the end of life The earth orbit has become a highly utilized environment The heavy traffic of man made satellites and a history of almost sixty five years of space exploration has led to a large quantities of space debris in LEO Therefore is crucial to develop new solutions and new technologies to mitigate the degradation of our limited resource which is the earth orbit Table of Contents 1 Abstract________________________________________________________ 2 Nomenclature____________________________________________________ 3 Introduction______________________________________________________ 4 Background______________________________________________________ 5 Mission Concept__________________________________________________ A Mission Statement______________________________________________ B Mission Objectives______________________________________________ C Mission and Critical Requirements__________________________________ D Constrains_____________________________________________________ E Risks and Safety________________________________________________ F Policy and Licensing Considerations_________________________________ 6 Key Features System Architecture____________________________________ A Destination____________________________________________________ B Routes Trajectories____________________________________________ C Vehicles______________________________________________________ D Hardware software_____________________________________________ E

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Highlighting the positive impacts the Smart City idea is having on the People and the Environment

For about 20 years development of smart cities has experienced technological, economic and social evolution such as the development of the tele cities, informational cities and virtual cities, inventions and innovations, privacy concerns and security concerns. The study of smart cities has therefore attracted the attention of scholars from across disciplines, like Urban planning. Architecture Environmental Science, Computer Science, Economics, Geography as well as other social science disciplines. The development of smart cities has therefore brought about both positive and negative impacts on society and the environment. This paper, therefore, aims at highlighting the positive impacts the smart city idea is having on the people and the environment, the challenges in implementing the idea and finally a suggestion of possible actions that ought to be put in place to solve the identified challenges. Positive Impacts of The Smart Cities Development Development of ICTs, Internet and Technological Innovations. The vast amount of information in the city can now be easily acquired, organized, processed and analyzed due to the advancement of information and communication technologies.

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