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Information system an coherent set of Components

Information system an coherent set of components for gathering storing and processing data and for providing information knowledge and digital products During the last decade we have witnessed revolutionary changes in the field of information system communication The capabilities of both generation and collection of data have been rapidly increasing at a great rate The today world is surrounded by the data and information field rapid developments in the field of Information Management have left me intrigued with information technology These data present the potential for us to discover efficacious information and expertise not seen before The Information Age presents us with tremendous possibilities as well as unique challenges As wireless networks become more advanced and far reaching we are redefining the notion of information and the possibilities of communications technology In today's information age having the knowledge of electronics and communication together with computer science in a significant and in depth manner is of great worthiness and both fields are complementary to each other This is what inspired my interest in information and communication Engineering and motivated me to take up Electronics and Communication for my Bachelor's Degree from the Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research affiliated to Kurukshetra University accredited as an A grade college by a national body called National Assessment and Accreditation Council which was well renowned for its academic excellence and stood second among all other colleges in my state During my undergraduate study the courses like Network Analysis Signals and Systems Microprocessors and computer hardware design helped me learn the aspects of system implementation

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