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Traumatic brain injury affects more than 10 million People

Traumatic brain injury affects more than 10 million people worldwide annually and continues to be a major global cause of mortality and long term morbidity in young adults Hyder et al 2007 Therefore it is a major drain on health care funding throughout the world Despite being one of the leading causes of preventable death the first study to test the presence of SD in the human cortex was only published in 1996 Mayevsky et al 1996 Of a total of 15 patients with severe TBI only one brain was recorded with depolarization But in 2002 Strong verified by using EcoG the presence of more depolarizations in TBI Anthony J Strong et al 2002 These findings have been confirmed later in a study published by Fabricius in 2006 Fabricius et al 2006a In 2009 Hartings et al also investigated the incidence of SDs after TBI and its relationship with physiological values Hartings et al 2009 They recorded a total of 280 SDs in 53 of 32 patients with TBI They also found that the presence of SDs increased the lower the mean blood pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure and the higher the body temperature 

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