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Stem cell research & therapy

Stem cell research is taking stem cells from human embryos and using them for different things The cells can be used to replace neurons damaged by spinal cord injury stroke Alzheimer's disease Parkinson's disease or other neurological problems California Stem Cell Agency 1 The use of the stem cells can help people with spinal cord issues and other diseases Stem cell research is a topic that everybody has different opinions on There are many pros and cons of each side Most of the pros for stem cell research have to do with medical issues The controversy over stem cell research has led to intense debates People for it argue that it can help treat and possibly cure Parkinson's disease Alzheimer's disease heart disease diabetes birth defects spinal cord injuries and playing a major role in cancer People arguing against it say that you shouldn't mess with human life or that you shouldn t test fate Embryonic stem cells are stem cells that are obtained from embryos Currently most of the procedures to obtain these stem cells will result in the destruction of the embryo Embryonic stem cell research uses cells found in 3 5 day old human embryos In a 2004 poll by Gallup 76 of Democrats supported easing government restrictions on stem cell research 12 of Democrats endorsed doing away with or greatly reducing research restrictions and 8 supported no funding at all Republicans were divided with 37 supporting expanded research and 36 favoring continued restriction at the current level Republican views 1 

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