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Define pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Define pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics Dynamics action vs kinetics movements Pharmacodynamics is how the drug actually works This means on the biochemical level how is the drug working What the side effects Pharmacokinetics is how the drug moves through the body from how it enters the body how it reaches the site of action how it is metabolized and how it is eliminated 2 Differentiate the generic name chemical name and trade names of drugs Generic name of a drug is the chemical name of the drug Chemical name is the scientific names of the molecular structure of the drug Trade name is the trademark name or commercial trade name by the company that holds the patent for that specific drug Chemical Name Generic Name Trade Name N acetyl p aminophenol acetaminophen Tylenol RS 2 4 2 methylpropyl phenyl propanoic acid ibuprofen Motrin 3 What is the significance of bioavailability and bio equivalence Give examples of differences Bioavailability is the measurement of the amount of drug absorbed in the body Bioavailability is the degree and rate of the drug absorbed by the body s circulatory system Bio equivalence is a comparison of two or more products with respect to their bioavailability absorption Bio equivalence are determined in clinical trials by phase 1 and 2 clinical trials o to determine bioavailability 4 List three common drug food interactions that you were not aware of A food drug inter action can prevent a medicine from working in the way it should cause a side effect or cause a new side effect Calcium Rich Foods and Antibiotics Dairy products i e milk yogurt and cheese can interfere with antibiotics such as tetracycline doxycycline and ciprofloxacin

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