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When I first came to know about the concept of the Password

As a middle school student I recall the thrill when I first came to know about the concept of the password However a fear surmounted my then childish mind the fear of someone having complete control of my social media accounts I realized that like me many others grappled with a similar fear Growing up this fear morphed into a firm decision to become an expert in cybersecurity After all cybersecurity is an aid to protect humanity from the threat of cybercrimes This is where I feel my knowledge and skills would contribute to safeguarding sensitive data However I still have a long way to go since there is a lot to learn and I can only do so by enrolling in a Master's degree in this field After I finished my Bachelor's degree in computer science I see myself as a forensic computer analyst in either a solitary firm or in one of the government organization I gradually increased my interest in the area of cybersecurity while learning subjects like Cyber Forensics Information Security Data Transfer Security and Networking during my bachelor's program Or After completing my studies I wish to have a career in computer forensics I developed a keen interest in the same during my college where studying Network Security Information Security helped me and developed my interest further to research and develop 

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Apache is currently one of the most widely used web Servers

Apache Introduction Apache is currently one of the most widely used web servers in the world Was not expressly designed to establish standard records But can be adjusted where it can handle an impressive number of requests from remote clients Providing a high level of performance and here are some tips to do it 1 Always keeping Apache updated to its latest version If Apache is upgraded to a latest version it will work better this applies to any piece of software All of the bug fixes will be included in the general improvements in these updates Httpd apache org 2018 2 unload unused modules Apache is a modular web server where each functionality is served by specific modules As memory usage is very important in performance it is very important to eliminate modules that are not used Haydenjames io 2018 3 Choosing an MPM Multi Processing Modulesare responsible for the attached to network ports on the machine accepting requests and dispatching children to handle the requests there are MPMs offered by Apache At the user level MPMs appear much like other Apache HTTPD modules The main difference is that one and only one MPM must be loaded into the server at any time Httpd apache org 2018 4 Hardware having enough hardware resources is indispensable for an efficient web server A fast CPU and adequate memory RAM are the basic components of a high speed Apache web server Httpd apache org 2018 MARIADB MariaDB is the world s most famous database server MariaDB was developed as an open source software and It will perform better if it is tuned Performance tuning

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