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Stress through time has been a factor in the lives

Stress through time has been a factor in the lives of people Many of us at one point in time have come face to face with stress Feeling so overwhelmed with emotions and in the end stuck feeling hopeless Illness loss of jobs and death are a few events that can cause stress Stress is so much more than just a feeling If all of these events all cause stress but do not affect us in the same ways Nothing less it is possible to have a good life while dealing with stress the first thing you you need to do is understand the different types of stress recognize the benefits of stress and maintaining a balanced life Stress on an individual is difficult to understand but maintaining your stress can give you power and resilience Its is important to understand the different types of stress in order to gain resilience in life and with stress There are three different types of stress acute episodic and chronic Acute stress results from major traumatic events Kivi Healthline Acute stress is much different than chronic stress Episodic stress comes from worrying about things that may even not be necessary Anderson APA Manly coming from certain events or situations that trigger stressors Different than the other types of stress chronic stress affects the body and the mind Baum APA

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