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In today's society many life threatening diseases and Illnesses

In today's society many life threatening diseases and illnesses plague humanity most of which have no definite cure With the data received from research on human embryonic stem cells scientists have the potential to develop a cure to diseases such as Parkinson s heart disease cancer and many other harmful diseases Most of the data obtained from research involves human embryos and fetuses In one method scientists harvest stem cells from human fetuses from fertility clinics that are left over from assisted reproduction attempts From using this method the human fetus or embryo is neither destroyed nor harmed in any way However if the abortion of fetuses is the means by which fetal stem cells are obtained then the killing of a human fetus is involved Although some believe that harvesting embryonic stem cells is completely immoral despite the methods and should not continue I believe that the continuation of this act is justified as long as human fetuses are not harmed or destroyed in any way Firstly those who believe that embryonic stem cell research is unjustified in its acts have a very valid reason in believing so

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