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Why Theatre Kids Are the Worst Type of People Peak Theatre

English Language and Composition Epic Speech Why Theatre Kids Are the Worst Type of People For the past two Glacier Peak Theatre productions I have gone undercover as a crew member in which I witnessed the bizarre and unnatural behaviors of drama kids Although they appear annoying and ridiculously excessive in their movements and tonal variation in reality they are much worse I tend to consider myself a fairly normal person so walking into my first drama interest meeting was a huge jazz hand slap to the face One of the first things you notice upon entering the black box a sacred theatre temple is that everyone is piled on top of one another giving each other back rubs within this weird sexual tension filled game of Twister Why their clothes on orgy didn't make me run out of patience and the door vexes me to this very day In fact I lent a hand in the productions of The Wizard of Oz and Tarzan In a 2014 study acting students scored higher on narcissistic admiration than students of other majors and based on my own experience remains true for high school Dufner et al 19 Terribly egotistical a majority of the theatre kids are they view themselves as the second coming of Idina Menzel when in fact they are barely a Russell Crowe in the movie version of Les Mis What high school theatre productions lack in raw emotion is made up for in the abstract performance of primal human desperation when those in non lead roles mouth everyone s lines offstage Drama is full of drama 

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