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How to implement the SCM at the organization to achieve higher profits

Café Younes and Al Falamanki are the organizations that helped in supporting this research through explaining how do they implement the SCM at their organization to achieve higher profits 2 1 Café Younes 2 1 1 About Café Younes Since 1935 Café Younes have been passionate about serving their customers the best coffees from around the world Today after 80 years of caffeinated services they remain committed to the heritage of quality products and special customer service Café Younes trade superior quality coffee that is freshly roasted and grounded on premises They introduce their coffee line in 2008 In different retail outlets in Lebanon where you can enjoy a cozy break of calming drinks a superior quality range of homemade desserts pastries salad and gourmet sandwiches and burgers along with specialty hot and cold drinks Café Younes is an international franchised café with over seven branches in Lebanon and one in Riyadh Cafe Younes About Us 2017 2 1 2 Café Younes Branches Since 1935 Café Younes is expanding on the Lebanese territories and internationally Café Younes has 6 branches in Lebanon and one at Riyadh KSA Each branch has its own identity and concept a Hamra Roaster What makes this branch exceptionally homey feel in addition to its friendly and welcoming staff is the aroma of coffee creating unforgettable moments In 2008 roaster location expanded to include a coffee shop Address Hamra Neemat Yafet Street b Abdel Aziz Branch Abdel Aziz branch is the second Café Younes in the Hamra area 

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Frankenstein and The Monster have a very unique Friendship

Frankenstein and The Monster have a very unique friendship Frankenstein is a crazy scientist who has problems socializing with others due to this he only has a few friends The Monster is an extremely ugly creature that everyone dislikes All The Monster wants is Frankenstein s respect and friendship but that is not given to him Their friendship all depends on Frankenstein accepting The Monster s exterior if Frankenstein would have been able to respect The Monster they could have had a beautiful friendship but instead it was a peculiar relationship that many would not even call a friendship Frankenstein should have held himself responsible for the Monster that he created but instead he stayed quite distant from it After shooing The Monster away Frankenstein shows the theme of the novel which is that humans deny responsibility Many humans like to say they're going to do something just to feel good or to look cool in front of others and then end up not even following through with what they said This is pretty similar to the issue of Frankenstein shooing The Monster away Frankenstein is denying responsibility and he doesn't even realize that he is being irresponsible Frankenstein is the sole reason as to why The Monster has been created and is on this earth

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