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The Merchants of Cool is a film that shows the life of Millennials

The Merchants of Cool is a film that shows the life of millennials from a sociological perspective The film took a sociological approach by filming what is happening in the everyday lives of the youngsters as the future approaches them The main concepts of sociology is to study human society and social behavior which are viewed in this film at different situations in different outlooks This paper will analyze the following sociological themes culture socialization social groups social institution and social interaction based on what was portrayed in the film This film uses micro and macrosociology examine schools malls and explore the next big thing that will catch the attention of their target on determining how society works from a range of topics at different levels of analysis Based on the film the Merchants of Cool it can be seen that the millennial cultural practices are different from how cultural practices were practiced in the past This can be understood from examining what they like value and practice daily It can be seen whereby youths enjoy themselves together through parties and social events and also takes pleasure in purchasing stylish or cool clothes The culture millennials have today is different from that of their parents 

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