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Franz Boas is a German American Anthropologist

Franz Boas is a German American anthropologist who is also well known by the title Father of Modern American Anthropology Boas is born in 9th of July in the year 1858 earning a Phd in physics at the age of 23 yet explored within the social science and natural science field The Biography 2014 In the end he chose his core career as an anthropologist In the year 1911 Boas published one of his book named The Mind of Primitive Man The Biography 2014 In this book Boas included a series of lectures on race and culture related issues such as the control of less developed countries by the western countries based on their race The Biography 2014 This topic leads to the development of the theory cultural relativism Cultural relativism is a philosophical theory developed in the early 20th century by Franz Boas 

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