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Change is far more profound than what we can Sense

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Change is far more profound than what we can sense As Charles Darwin the father of evolution said Change yourself to adapt to the change because one who adapts successfully to the changing stimulus is the one who can survive In this process of learning I firmly attached to the innovative and smart solutions of the Internet of Things IOT leads me to find how the world is interconnected with one another During my schooling I always interested in learning something new and very enthusiastic to participate in Math oriented competitions I had completed my 10th in Nagarjuna Merit High School with 95 and stood as topper of the school I received a scholarship from Khamma Sanga one of the local Organizations for this achievement Besides academics I grabbed every opportunity to explore my skills in mathematics and science and won Gold Medal in the International Math Olympiad also won many prizes conducted by Vasavi club Eenadu and many more My childhood was marked by enjoyment and my active involvement in the number of wide range activities participation and volunteering in Inter school competitions such as sketching cycling school day celebrations etc at several instances I had completed my 12th in Sri Chaitanya with an aggregate of 97 2 and stood as top 2 of my state 

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Debates in the history of psychology to date is the idea of Nature vs Nurture

One of the oldest debates in the history of psychology to date is the idea of Nature vs Nurture The nature vs nurture debate questions whether a person's personality and development is influenced by their nature or their nurture nature dealing with their genes and genetic makeup and nurture dealing with the environment in which they live This universal debate is seen most prominently in Shakespeare's The Tempest in his character Caliban Caliban is introduced into the play as a complex individual who shows savage like qualities but like the other characters in the play who are said to be more civilized speaks mostly in iambic pentameter Caliban's presence throughout the play leads one to ask themselves whether Caliban s behavior is a result from the inheritance of his mother Sycorax s genes making it so he is therefore inheritably savage like or whether it is caused through the cruelty shown to him by the other inhabitants of the island and he is able to change his ways This is the question that I will be analyzing in this paper Was Caliban a product of nature or nurture with comparison to Miranda I will be using both William Shakespeare's play The Tempest as well as two articles by the 30 second theory One being Evolutionary psychology and the other being Nature v s Nurture These two articles will be beneficial because they both discuss the idea of nature vs nurture and how we are influenced by both concepts as well as give us more background on the situation on the origin of the debate and why it is something that is so difficult to answer 

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