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Technology and Young Children English Composition

Technology and Young Children English Composition II Instructor bond Full Title Rough Draft Technology since the last generation has changed massive amounts Today‚Äôs adults grew up where being outdoors would beat any television or even early video games This is because video games would not be portable until the 1990 s and there was no real smartphone until 2007 Even the children from the 1990's wouldn't play as much video games as children today because playing a sport was so much more inviting Yet the children of the present grew up playing video games While in the past video games were not made to appeal to children under 6 today there are hundreds of iPhone apps just to entertain toddlers These apps can severely limit the child in its future Almost every child between the ages of eight and twelve own an cell phones The average home in America has as many televisions as they do people Only 20 of American homes do not have a computer Technology is quickly becoming a new way of life The amount of time people are on their devices is growing rapidly Most people can t live without some type technology device People have not realized yet how they or their families are being affected by this constant use of technology 

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