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Organizations and companies try to prevent Mistreatment

In the 21st century no matter how organizations and companies try to prevent mistreatment of particular groups sadly it still exists in forms of institutional discrimination The three given articles gave a vast explanation of the issue of Institutional Discrimination and how it affects an individual from growing or promoting to a better job The dictionary definition of institutional discrimination refers to the unfair and unjust treatment of particular groups or individuals by the society through intentional or unintentional decisions to discriminate Throughout history discriminating ones groups and cultures into particular subgroups were a part of life for the White population The three articles are prime examples of institutional discrimination by discriminating against one s skin color by discriminating particular jobs for certain genders and how the criminal justice system is unfair to the black community compared to the white The article Institutional Racism is Our Way of Life states a lot of statistics on institutional discrimination through some legit sources such as the American Psychological Association also the Education Departments Civil Rights Office and how it is still developing in the United States

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US Copyright Applications

US Copyright Applications A copyright is a type of legal protection that is provided in the US for authors of original works These original works are creative in nature including music lyrics books photos articles videos pantomimes choreography architectural plans or drawings buildings and other work that exists in a fixed format The categories are viewed quite openly As examples Code written to make computer programs is registered as literary work Maps are registered pictorial graphic and sculptural work Architectural plans drawings and the buildings that are built from them are also pictorial graphic and sculptural work Dances can be a choreographic work when they are written and are an audio visual work when they are filmed The author of an original creative piece of work automatically acquires basic copyrights when the work is made tangible A work is made tangible when it is documented drawn or audio video recorded so a fixed format is created The quality of the work in its initial tangible state is not important Scribbling on the back of a napkin a pencil sketch on typing paper or a recording with a cell phone all constitute making the work tangible Constructing a skyscraper or making a million dollar movie are also making work tangible You can t copyright an idea It has to be made tangible in a concrete format It does not matter if the work has been published or not It can be copyrighted either way The copyright application makes an official claim of ownership on that original material

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