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Religious inclinations have a substantial influence on the meals

Religious inclinations on top of determining which Deity one prays to have a substantial influence on the meals a person eats The guidelines outlined in every belief clearly state the meals fit for consumption This can be illustrated by the liberty of Christians to eat pork something that would be considered haram for Muslim believers This paper will zero in on the Muslim beliefs the halal products they are allowed to consume and the labelling of the aforementioned products in the nations covered under the European Union Halal is an Islamic term used to describe products be it food pharmaceutical products or drinks which have been adequately prepared under the strict guidelines of the Sharia Law Al Taher 2004 These preparations can be seen in the slaughtering of animals set for Muslim consumption where animals have to be blessed and their killing has to follow dhabihah Prior stunning of the animal is sometimes done to ensure minimum pain and suffering Due to the widespread presence of Muslims in European countries halal meals have become quite commonplace in many restaurants across Europe Franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC and Nandos have resolved to utilize halal products so as to not to go against their Muslim clients beliefs S Talib Ai Chin J Fischer 2017 

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