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How to handle mental illness is a pressing Matter

How to handle mental illness is a pressing matter in today s society Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in behavior thinking emotion or a combination of these and about one out of every five adults will experience some form of mental illness in there life APA 1 Untreated it can leave the people it effects with devastating impacts on their everyday lives Certain disorders have such horrible side effects it is inhumane to not give people suffering from it proper treatment In most cases treatment is as simple as taking some medication or going to a therapist yet many cannot receive the help they need Despite the lack of care dedicated to people suffering from mental illness research shows the effects of mental illness deteriorates people s physical and psychological well beings therefore treatment should easier to obtain to help them prosper and live their best lives Deleterious effects such as self harm affect those experiencing mental illness which untreated interrupt their everyday lives The nation s largest mental health organization The National Alliance On Mental Illness explains in an article about purposeful self injury Self harm is not a mental illness but a behavior that indicates a lack of coping skills Several illnesses are associated with it including borderline personality disorder depression eating disorders anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder Nami 1 

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