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1895 poem We Wear the Mask Dunbar

One’s life in reality differs greatly from the one that they portray publicly From the point the poem opens the writer points out that people wear masks to hide their feelings and that these masks are just a phony way of covering up truths within people that are painful opening admit These masks do not really help though In his 1895 poem We Wear the Mask Dunbar uses the image of a mask to illustrate what we show to the world from the outside compared to what our lives really are This paper is to analyze the extent to which people believe that masks are the answers to the problems in relation to the poem we wear the mask Currently we live in a world that is full of shows advertisements and magazines filled with perfection it is no wonder that people have begun to only show their good sides as well The poet claims in a part of the poem that since the we also have the masks on we cannot also see clearly just like others cannot see us this according to line 2 The poet says that black people s struggle cannot be seen because they are hiding behind the masks this is a daily life occurrence Their hearts are torn and bleeding but all that can be seen is the facade that they put on Nay let them only see us while We wear the mask Dunbar 1895 lines 8 9 We only show people what we want them to see we are wearing a mask to hide our flaws and imperfections 

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