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Difference between the interconnection of globalisation and mega Events

Over the years there has been a marked difference between the interconnection of globalisation and mega events The debate has focused on its economic social and political impacts on capitalist societies Internationally the strategies of sports led events or mega events on cities have been centred on infrastructural development of sport stadiums and teams Globalisation as a transformational phenomenon has been significant since the development of sporting activities Giddens 2001 articulates that internationalisation is the major driving force for world societies when weighed on an economic social and political scale This suggests that globalisation within the event industry is of no exception to his views because of its impact on mega events Sports as a mega event is extremely sought after in many cities and its impact have been predominant to the upward shove of most political activities around the globe Horne 2007 Moreover governmental bodies are often ready to award large funding for the purpose of regenerating facilities that can attract major events to their cities Dwyer et al 2005 recognises that globalisation does not only enable economic growth but also has other seeming benefits through mega events Based on their assumptions these benefits include enhancing the image of a city through networking and civic pride 

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