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Imperialism in Africa

Imperialism in Africa The three main reasons the Industrial Revolution caused 19th century imperialism Africa is because of economic changes military and technological advancements and social cultural changes The Industrial Revolution caused imperialism in Africa by opening new trade markets creating territories and by creating new ways to travel Imperialism was a time when stronger nations were taking over weaker nations and they traveled to other countries to open trade routes and markets Europeans traveled to Africa to expand their earnings One important reason the Industrial Revolution affected imperialism in Africa is by expanding the European economy A general motive for colonial expansion was the search for new markets Doc O People wanted new ways to sell or buy their products So a venture to Africa helped them open new trade markets They also opened new markets in Africa so that they could get new or different resources than they would usually get Europeans also believed Africans to be undereducated so they were able to make the natives more than they had to for the goods and resources from Europe Natives filled the buckets that was a tax laid upon the natives for roads schools hospitals civilization Doc Q The natives of Africa were taxed so that Europeans could open markets open hospitals and help the African people build a life so they could use their resources Europeans were helping

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Palestine began with the Dependence Theory

It is fair to say that Palestine began with the Dependence theory to contribute to development theory and to be noticed internationally The Dependency theory contradicted the claim and presented new ways of explaining the reasons of why Palestine stile underdevelopment and give us a new way to think and to develop new strategies to transfer our country to be dependent as independency theory indicate that in order to secure a good and healthy development our country Palestine should be prepared and create circumstances and conditions for development Palestine should take important economic and political measures to create the conditions of development such as Palestinian authority should be more effective and more involved in its role in terms of national development To attract new investment opportunity in Palestine especially for Diaspora to encourage them to come to Palestine 

To encourage the domestic products and promote more effective internal demand for domestic market Increase the wages and salaries of workers which will in turn positively affect the demand of the internal Palestinian market Encourage the competiveness between the Palestinian tenants Develop a Palestinian national strategies based on the real needs

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Discrimination in our Society

Discrimination in our Society Unfair and unequal treatment of an individual based on certain characteristics is a major and a long lasting problem prevailing in our society Almost everyone has faced discrimination since this misconduct exists in our schools homes communities and workplaces It might be based on gender intelligence cast language color body structure religion or it could be anything We have been taught to discriminate we are told to behave poorly with others We learnt discrimination from our society parents teachers friends it is injected in us by our discrimination loving society Today no society is immune to discrimination and prejudice Contemporary forms of discrimination date back to thousands of years The more extreme form of discrimination in past and recent includes genocide slavery immigration laws or cast system It starts from our home Children learn from their parents behavior They observed difference of behavior of their parents towards others and imitate in their upcoming life It becomes part of their subconsciousness Children try to copy parent s way of talking attitude mood Parents do discrimination sometimes among siblings It can be someone mental ability good looks or good results in school For instance male siblings have given priority on certain matters over female siblings which leads to sometime disastrous to personality of others Has someone observed this it s a rare thing but it exists

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