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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and among one of the poorest in the world World Bank 2017 According to World Bank 2017 Haiti s estimated gross domestic product GDP per capita was 1 800 To put this into perspective the United States GDP per capita was 57 600 in 2016 Haiti has suffered from numerous setbacks throughout its history such as political instability and various detrimental natural disasters that put a majority of the population at risk Two fifth 38 of Haiti's economy depends on agricultural small scale farming but this sector suffers from underinvestment in infrastructure limited natural resource management as well as frequent damages from natural disasters The unemployment rate is 40 6 2010 with more than 67 of the labor force without a formal job As of 2012 over 50 of the population lives below poverty line Central Intelligence Agency CIA 2018 According to United States Agency International Development USAID 2014 

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In the near future, I hope to work in the music Industry

In the near future I hope to work in the music industry and create unique content for music labels specifically in the area of rap R B Growing up I have always been passionate about music and my goal is to incorporate my personal passion for music with my professional goal of working in creative marketing Throughout my internship experiences I have experienced the need for economic literacy on a limited level because I have only been involved in companies on very basic levels However upon reading just the first chapter of Business Essentials for Strategic Communications by Matthew Ragas and Ron Culp I realized how vital it truly is to be economically literate in order to achieve long term career success and to establish oneself as a professional I realized that without economic literacy it becomes nearly impossible for a PR professional to establish himself or herself as someone who gets a seat at the table I have always been more interested in subjects that involve the more creative side of the brain such as writing and art 

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