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Decision was made that would affect millions of Jews in Germany

On January 20 1942 a decision was made that would affect millions of Jews in Germany and the area surrounding it The Nazi s had begun the secret killings of Jews but had not yet finalized an actual plan so they devised the Wannsee Conference a meeting of German delegates in order to come up with a way to annihilate the Jews completely In attendance to the meeting were two of the most powerful Germans of the Holocaust Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann Together they would present Hitler s Final Solution to the delegates at the conference and gain the support needed to start the mass genocide of the Jewish race Reinhard Heydrich was raised in a wealthy family in Halle Germany As a kid he was bullied for his very high pitched voice and his devout Catholicism in the mostly Protestant town The History Place He was 16 during WWI too young to flight so he joined the Freikorps a Anti Semitic group who openly confronted communists He believed strongly in the supremacy of the German race which led him to become a powerful figure in WWII Heydrich quickly gained power as he rose through the ranks in the Nazi regimen SS General Reinhard Heydrich was chief of The Security Service of the Reichsfuhrer

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