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Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017

Current Topics in IT Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017 From great successes to disasters technology has been the key aspect From security breach to product success there has always been something to fix and upgrade and this differentiated in terms of money and reputation Here below are the few failures and successes of 2017 Tech that was a success In 2017 technology like smart home apple's smart watch and Face ID were huge success in providing human life more security and also ease to the everyday routine tasks Face ID feature in iphone X is more secure compared to one plus 5t and Samsung note 8 devices as it uses 3d depth sensing with an infrared camera and a dot projector to check if you are the actual owner of the phone before unlocking it whereas Samsung and one plus use 2d methods that rely only on front facing camera and could be tricked even by testing it with a photograph and Face ID keeps on adapting itself to the changes on your face to detect the owner 1 2 A smart home is an example of how technology is advancing in making human life with much ease than ever imagined Here the devices are interconnected and can be automated from one central point like mobile through internet which controls functions such as security access to the home temperature lighting home theatre door locks home monitors cameras lights refrigerator 

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