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Research mainly centers upon the period between the years mass influx of African Americans

Introduction This research mainly centers upon the period between the years mass influx of African Americans to the cities and the Great Depression This thesis examines the case of Harlem in African American culture during the 1920s and 40s Finally it is aimed to clear up the period between these years The impacts of the Great Migration which experienced up to the 1920s the Harlem Renaissance which emerged from 1920 and the Great Depression which marked the era 1930s and 1940s on Harlem and African Americans are three aspects of this research Events such as the Great Migration Harlem Renaissance and the Great Depression which took place from the beginning of the 1900s until the 1950s contribute to find out Harlem s significant role in American culture This thesis focuses on the era of the 1920s through the 1940s Cultural boom in the 1920s and the 1930s and 1940s were marked by Great Depression culminating in worsening living conditions reveal the dual portrayal of Harlem as a cultural capital or a ghetto During the American Civil War Harlem witnessed many uprisings but also experienced the impacts of the economic development followed the end of the war Advancements were started shortly after the economic crisis of 1873 Large scale house construction in Harlem has been made and the railroad to Harlem has led to an increase in Harlem s population 

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A PESTEL analysis is a tool used by marketers to Measure

International foundation program Global Business Environment  A PESTEL analysis is a tool used by marketers to measure and monitor the macro environmental factors that have an use full to an organisation China environmental factors Energy is one of the most important thing for manufacturing textiles China's textile industry uses a lot of energy and now it's being put under a lot of pressure for energy consumption Energy related greenhouse gas is raising concreters due to the negative impact to the environment In order to reduce greenhouse gas energy saving technology are on high demand WTO s statistics show that China is the biggest textile producer and exporter in the world since 1994 50 of the world's fibber production is occupied by china's textile industry The textile industry in now seen as traditional pillar in china But now the pressure has become a lot for china's textile industry to reduce it large amount of energy usage China might start to go green now and but since the demand of both domestic and foreign market is growing china's textile industry will continue its rapid growth in the future USA economic issues President Trump is questioning whether US s neglect in the importance of domestic manufacturing is good for the country or not Because it will increase manufacturing and increase job creation Which is good for the country's economy because this will increase taxes The NCTO agrees with president trump's new US trading surjection policy and they think it's time they look at the actual reality of the twenty first century s economy In the election of president Trump he brought about a big and dramatic change on trade President Trump also believe that NAFTA should be improved for having loopholes like tariff preference levels that benefits third party countries like china and if they close these types of mini mistake its will boost U S textile production and employment

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