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What is a hero Is it saving the world or winning a Princess

What is a hero Is it saving the world or winning a princess Well truth is there is no need to do a big act of bravery or show courage to be known as a hero It can be a small act of selflessness or simply going out of your way to help somebody Heroism doesn t need to be done in front of the public but rather it can be done in the shadows too it isn't something you always read in the comic section of the newspaper People like Eleanor Roosevelt Anne Frank and Herbert Hoover did not only think of their own safety and comfort but of the comfort of their family and people around them Many people might think that Anne Frank didn't do much to be called a hero but to her family she was an example and a hero Anne Frank was a 15 year old girl that was going through a lot of things that most of us couldn t be able to relate to Her family was running and hiding from the persecution of Jews for a while already so they moved to Amsterdam While they were in Amsterdam they were able to hid from the searchers for about two years or else they would be forced into a concentration camp 

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