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Coming of age Atticus and Aunt Alexandra s opinions contradict Jem quotes his Father

This quote stood out to me while reading chapters 13 to 24 as it is something that is quite relatable and simply the truth It speaks to the themes of family and coming of age Atticus and Aunt Alexandra's opinions contradict Jem quotes his father and says that family is something you have no control of while Aunt Alexandra believes it comes down to the side of choice Atticus is concerned with all members of his family whereas on the other hand Aunt Alexandra wants to kick some out The chapter begins with Bob Ewell threatening Atticus for making look like a fool during the trial Everyone but Atticus seems to be worried including the children and Aunt Alexandra They learn that a man on the jury wanted to acquit Tom Robinson a member of the Cunninghams Scout then exclaims that she wanted to invite Walter Cunningham over one day for dinner which Aunt Alexandra is very opposed to Aunt Alexandra considers the Cunninghams as trash and by no means wants to be associated with them We see more of Aunt Alexandra during this as we can tell that she thinks that her family was far better off than the Cunninghams 

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