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As a way for the gospel to be restored the United States was the proper host

As a way for the gospel to be restored the United States was the proper host because it was open territory The only reason that the United States was a proper host for the gospel was because the new government established believed in people having their inherent and inalienable rights The people of the United States now have the agency to choose their own life and are given that right when this country was born The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the founding of the United States are connected in more ways than just by coincidence It was by the power of God that it came to be at the perfect time and place It would have been impossible without God s guidance in establishing America to restore the gospel under the governments that existed at the time such as the Constitutional monarchy that was in place for the Spanish and the British While studying the Doctrine and Covenants I have learned that even with the perfect place and precise timing of the restoration it was still a very difficult time for the Latter Day Saints Had the United States of America not been through the revolution for their freedom the colonies would still be under church state rules that did not want for new churches to be formed And if no new churches would be established then Joseph Smith would not have been able to play the role that He was meant to by trying to decide if there was a true church on the earth The Revolutionary War and the rebellion of the colonists from the Church of England played a key role in the restoration of the gospel 

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