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The streamflow of Colorado River is highly Allocated

The over allocation challenges the demand and supply of its water consequently challenging the resources at its basin Due to the imbalance in the demand and supply the water security at the basin of the river is highly dependent on groundwater reserves During droughts the quantity of groundwater reduces rapidly with the effects being felt much in the seven states in the basin of the river Drought as a natural calamity is not preventable Therefore there is need to have control measures to be able to survive the drought with sufficient resources which is possible through proper analysis of the case and proposal of best ways to cope with the situation This paper studies the security status of the groundwater in previous droughts and the threats to the states whose allocation relies on the water The paper therefore evaluates the case and the related threat to the water security with a goal of arriving at accurate and valid inferences that can get used when getting solutions to the problem and maintaining a high supply of the resource that will sufficiently meet the demand The paper uses the data by for Space Research Center University of Texas which contained the report of their analysis of the average changes of the water levels of the river in times of droughts up to 2013 Scanlon Zhang and Reedy 9900 The study area spans across the basins of the river including states such as Mexico Arizona and Colorado The upper basin of the river runs along the upriver of Lake Powell while the lower runs the lake s downriver 

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The outdoors provides a new setting to take on the Challenges

The outdoors provides a new setting to take on the challenges and learn life skills without even realising it Children whom have anger issues and are often behaving badly benefit from the outdoors as it releases their stress and anxiety levels develops their social and communication skills motivates their learning across all of the curriculum and also allows them to be more practical responsible and creative members of the public With outdoor learning it can benefit many students who have numerous problems Such as anger issues recent involvements with the police and also children who have a disability The outdoors offers them that sense of freedom unlike you get in the classroom It gives them another way to take their mind of things and in their eyes it may be an adventure which they re releasing from Within an educational setting children don't always get to socialise as well as you could in the outdoors this opens up to them another way of bonding with other children and improving their social skills which builds their confidence up as individuals A great example of this are forest schools Forest School is an inspiring development that offers students young people and adults reliable opportunities to achieve and develop and achieve confidence with hands on learning in a woodland setting It s shown in some studies that some children display positive changes in their behaviour that s surprised experts and this could be due to their involvement in the Forest Schools It's also clear that for a lot children it ll take time for a change to occur

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