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Aliens is a science fiction action film by dir Cameron

Aliens is a science fiction action film by dir Cameron starring Sigourney Weaver also known as Ellen Ripley the female protagonist The movie Aliens released in 1986 is recognized for challenging gender roles notably including genre of action and phantasy Yunis Susan While Ripley kept a balance between masculinity and femininity her actions break stereotypical gender roles in the film Despite the masculine impact on Ripley Aliens depicts her as a feminine protagonist as her main concern is motherhood Motherhood becomes the central genre of the book as it shows Ripley s adventure and fight as she takes on a new journey of becoming the caretaker of an orphan child Thus motherhood also becomes the central theme and focus of this essay The themes of destruction and motherhood throughout Aliens are prominent and quite opposite with Ripley on one hand shown as the positive mother while on the other is depicted as a fierce role Aliens portrays Ripley as a heroic icon who suddenly changes her character role because of overstressed femininity as she fights her rival Ellen Xenopedia the alien queen Simultaneously Ripley conveys a sense of nurturing emotions towards her surrogate child

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