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The automotive industry generated an annual domestic revenue of 2.3 Trillion

According to Griffin and Shen 2013 the automotive industry generated an annual domestic revenue of 2 3 trillion USD and annual global revenues of 9 trillion USD As of the December 2017 the industry employed over 2 9 million people in areas such as manufacturing and retail trade National Employment and Seasonally Adjusted Table The following five industry forces within the automotive industry are the most important factors that executives should consider 1 Bargaining power of buyers As buyers get more sensitive to prices they would switch to any other brand that would offer greater value for the money they are willing to spend 2 Bargaining power of suppliers nowadays car manufacturers are becoming system integrators thus relying heavily on their suppliers 3 Rivalry between established competitors competition is fierce and car makers should pay great attention to their competitors 4 Threat of entry The costs of entering the market is very high which would create a barrier to new entry 5 Threat of substitutes Other available transportations don't impose a great threat to the car s market since they are not as convenient as cars 

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Canada Aboriginal women are accounting for 33.6 of the total female offender population

In Canada Aboriginal women are accounting for 33 6 of the total female offender population in federal prisons in 2016 which represents an increase of 83 7 over the past decade Residential schools opened in the late 1800 s which caused physical emotional and mental abuse to the First Nations in Canada that is still affecting the communities today Of the incarcerated Aboriginal women 90 had said they had experienced abuse at some point in their lives and over 90 also had a mental illness Aboriginal women are overrepresented in the Canadian justice system Aboriginal criminal behaviour is rooted from a long history of social inequality and discrimination The trauma from the loss of cultural identity contributes to criminal behaviour abuse and addictions The government justice system and people of Canada also discriminate against Aboriginal women making them more likely to commit crimes Firstly Aboriginal women are more vulnerable to the temptation of drugs and alcohol and addiction can fastly begin

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