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Term Paper Political economy of the Communication

Political Economy of Media MED 411 Term Paper Political economy of the communication is about nature relations between media and communication systems with social structure That includes ownership support structures government policies that affect media and media content Robert McChesney When Industrial Revolution age came world had a new perspective for living With that new perspectives emerge in terms of economy and politics This leads us to two important perspective occurred with Karl Marx and Adam Smith Adam Smith approach was suggesting a free market with limited government limitations This is also known as liberal economy Karl Marx took that idea and add his thoughts to make a new perspective for new era Thus lead us to capitalism and new terms for understanding the concept like commodity and surplus value Commodity basically a thing has value to others can sell and trade and surplus value is a value that made by worker s labour and goes to the owner of the workers the capital according to Marx These perspectives develop in 18th and 19th century As time passed Marx became more and more important for political economy of communication and social studies Between 1968 and 1977 there were 1537 articles about Marx and Marxism Articles increased in 1978 1987 We can tell that 1988 2007 has the most articles Fuchs 2014 

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Applying for a PHD in Business administration Strategic Management

Statement of Purpose My name is and I am applying for a PHD in Business administration Strategic Management and public policy I am a graduate student at Stratford University currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration and expected to graduate at the end of March 2018 with a current GPA of 4 I have a Bachelor's Degree in Economy Major in Accountancy from Damascus University and an associate degree in Economy and Commerce Major in Accountancy In addition I have over 15 years of financial Accounting project and program management administration and managerial work experience with multinational experience through working in distinct locations like Syria Yemen South Sudan Philippines and Ukraine Over the course of my career I have developed a set of strategic skills which prepared me for the next step in my trip toward the PHD program these skills include but not limited to analytical and problem solving skills attention to the details compliance management skills solid time management training and capacity building skills and the ability to deal effectively with human capital and diversified workplace

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What comes to mind when hear the word Democracy

What comes to mind when hear the word democracy Do you associate it with freedom equality combat of discrimination or absence of tyranny Nevertheless democracy can be assumed as a system where the government provides each citizen with the authority to dynamically participate in electing its representatives The majority of countries global practice democracy for varying reasons despite the fact that this is no flawless all wise form of government Democracy has proven to be effective in modern society because it presents it is prevails internationally it is sovereign and in its best form equality First democracy has succeeded in modern society because it is power to the people Concerning a democracy the people of the country are self governing they are the utmost form of partisan authority The leaders of government whom of which are only temporally in control are the springs of power flow

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