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The explorer by the name of William Biffin

The explorer by the name of William Biffin was born at London England in 1584 There is little information on him and his life like many of the earlier navigators until after his exploration He is wrote about as a very talented man but also one who was self taught due to not many schools or many methods of education during this time The first written record of Biffin was in 1612 this is when Biffin was a chief pilot with James Hall on a ship by the name of Patience This being the beginning of his long career of sailing and exploring He continued navigating and exploring growing in his passion and getting better and more well known He continued doing what he loved until he died in the Persian Gulf soon after being shot in 1622 on January 23 Baffin is certainly the most proficient navigator and observer of all the arctic explorers of his period Ernest S Dodge William Biffin was thought of to be one of the great explorers He helped sail and navigate across many different lands searching for the Northwest passage and eventually finding it And also ended up finding the Biffin island which is now a piece of Nunavut Canada Biffin figured out the longitude at sea by looking at the stars and determining where he was He would use this information to help him and his crew not get lost at sea and also know where they have been and locate different places As can be seen today throughout his life he had much success in what he loved 

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Stabilization of time delay systems has been an energetic research Field

In recent years the stability and stabilization of time delay systems has been an energetic research field 1 10 Since the latest literature demonstrate an increasing research interest in the study of linear systems subject to time delays Meanwhile time delay is a common phenomenon often encountered in dynamic models of many real world systems particularly the processes including transportation or propagation of material and data measurement and actuators delays cascaded electrical networks robotic systems information transmission delays neural networks 4 50 among other Therefore more importance needs to study the stability analysis of time delay systems Nowadays various efforts have been paid for linear systems with time delays and lots of related literature have been established on this issues based on the LMIs approach 14 46 Relevant books in the issue of time delay systems and uncertain systems are 6 7 among others Furthermore time delays may be varying and may occur in irregular approach or non differentiable 2 3 Also the existing stability conditions can be classified into two ways namely delay independent 22 and delay dependent 37 stability criteria In general delay dependent stabilization condition gives less conservative result than the delay independent one as it makes full use of information of the system 42 Thus the delay dependent stability criteria received increasing devotion compare than delay independent once 37 41 Corresponding author email jdcao seu edu cn 1On the other hand due to the presence of modeling errors variation of materials assets component nonlinearities and varying load environments in time delay systems the concerned system account carried the uncertainty component However parameter uncertainties are inevitable owing mainly to the modeling inaccuracies variations of the operating point and aging of the devices etc

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