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Why We Need to Remember Vimy Ridge

The Canadian achievement in capturing Vimy Ridge owed its success to a range of technical and tactical innovations very powerful artillery preparation sound meticulous planning and thorough preparation The Canadian commanders learned well from their prior experiences and they utilized their knowledge and intelligence to devise an innovative battle plan executed to near perfection Canada's strategic planning skills allowed them to win the battle bringing many awards and world recognition The battle tactic was called The Creeping Barrage This is when artillery would start bombarding no man's land and gradually advance their salvos towards the German trenches The success of using this tactic allowed the other countries to recognize that Canadians are able to learn from their past and improve The genius plan was the notable thing which recognized Canadians to win the battle To defeat a nation as strong as Germany who already was fortifying Vimy Ridge obviously conveyed a profound sense of patriotism towards Canadians Four Victoria Crosses were awarded along with many other rewards

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