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Why was it such a revolutionary idea Camilo Golgi

Who created the concept of staining Why was it such a revolutionary idea Camilo Golgi created the concept which was revolutionary because staining gave us the ability to see the complete neuron and how it was set up 2 Label the diagram 1 Cell Body 2 Dendrites 3 Axon or Nerve Fiber 4 Synapse 3 Describe how electrical signals in a neuron are created using the terms ions resting potential action potential permeability and selective permeability How do the properties of action potentials relate to perception Neurons contain ions which is a positive or negative atom The charge of the ion depends on how many electrons have been taken away or obtained A neuron's resting potential is 70 mV which is the charge of the inside in reference to the outside of the neuron The action potential describes how the inside of the neuron goes up quickly to 40 mV and then goes back down to 70 mV quickly which happens because of two different kinds of ions These two kinds of ions are sodium and potassium with sodium going in and potassium coming out 

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