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Mass tourism is an age old phenomenon of tourism Industry

Mass tourism is an age old phenomenon of tourism industry as tourism has a high growth potential to any other industry in the world Mass tourism demands increased number of tourist at a destination within a particular time period with highly standardized service demands In India it has been practiced in most societies for which there are historical records The powerful the rich and famous in many pre modern societies had one or more that we are known today knowing as second residence where they are used to for travel in summer or occasionally at the times Mostly they would engage in visiting friends and relatives VFR travelling to palaces and mansions of other nobility or gentry to pay visits court patronage or show respect Paci 1994 found that VFR travel was an important segment of the international travel market through his worldwide analysis of statistics from Africa the Americas Asia and the Pacific and Europe 1 Julio Aramberri 2010 states since homo sapiens times humans have spent most of their time travelling roaming the face of the earth about half a million years ago 2 

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