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The Vietnam War and the French were Staples

The Vietnam War and the French were staples as to why Vietnam is a communist country today The Vietnam War was one of the longest most impacting wars for the U S Before the war when the French were defeated Vietnam split into the North and South One side the North was communist and the South were anti communist The french tried to gain control over Vietnam After the war Viet Minh who led the communist and anti French movement gained control When an uprising between France and Viet Minh broke out the Indochina war began Although France was defeated there were later problems on communism Because the president Ngo Dinh Diem did not want to agree with the Geneva Accord South Vietnam had a problem with this Northern Communists then joined the South and fought Viet Cong The United States agreed with Vietnam s containment policy meaning they were in favor of spreading communism They sent Vietnam tools and troops to help them out Later on the North and South reunited as the Social Republic of Vietnam Even though this may have been solved at the time no more conflict between China and Vietnam later years affected the

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