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Leptospirosis is an emerging potentially fatal zooanthroponosis

Leptospirosis is an emerging potentially fatal zoo anthroponosis with a worldwide occurrence spanning developing as well as developed countries Haake et al 2002 Levett et al 2001. This disease is caused by pathogenic. Leptospira spp belonging to family spirochaetaceae. The paramount importance of the disease is reflected because of the wide geographical distribution covering a large spectrum of mammals including both wild and domestic as reservoir hosts and humans serving as accidental hosts. Annually 1.03 million cases are reported globally with 60 000 deaths with the highest morbidity in the resource-poor settings and where no routine surveillance is performed Costa et al 2015. Most notable outbreaks have occurred in countries like Nicaragua Brazil and India the United States Levett et al 2001 and WHO southeast Asia region countries WHO southeast Asia Region report. Real-time surveillance reports of787 global alerts for Leptospirosis by healthmap http www healthmap org en between 2007 and 2013 evidently suggests its epidemic potential Schneider 2013. Leptospires are thin tightly coiled bacteria with high motility Levett et al 2001 Adler et al 2009 which can enter through cuts abraded skin or mucous membranes such as conjunctival oral or genital surfaces.

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