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Beginning King Louis XVI had depleted the royal Treasury

Beginning King Louis XVI had depleted the royal treasury and multiple years of cattle disease drought and insufficient harvests as well as inflated bread prices had ignited unease among the poor After virtually going bankrupt the French regime requested for Charles Alexandre de Calonne to create a solution The tax reform he proposed did not exempt the nobles from taxation To gain support for the reform the king summoned the Estates General May 4 1789 The reforms suggested infuriated the aristocrats the implementations the third state also advocated for did nothing to quell the rising temper of elite Subsequently following the meeting s return from adjournment the third estate representatives attempted to return to the conference room but was impeded by a locked door This act prompted an epiphany for the rejected estate they were the majority why were they allowing themselves to be subjected to this behavior These revelations encouraged the bourgeois to create the National Assembly During June 14 1789 was a monumental date for the revolution since it marked the first major transgression against the monarchy 

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