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The word cloning has been used by scientists

The word cloning has been used by scientists across the world for describing several different processes that are involved with the generation of copies of the biological materials like a cell a gene an animal or plant For instance the cloning of genes has led to the development of new treatments that is created by the biotechnology industry This can help in the treatment of several diseases like diabetes and hemophilia In the context of human cloning a human embryo is produced with the help of cloning that would involve the process referred to as the SCNT Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer In the process of SCNT the nucleus from the mature body cell like the skin cell In the process of cloning the embryo of the human body is created without any involvement of sexual reproduction that implies that there is no joining of the egg and the sperm There have been several concerns over the possibility of the production of the human clone This concern was raised in 1997 when scientists from Scotland first made use of SCNT producing the first cloned mammal which was a sheep named Dolly The scientists successfully removed the nucleus from the egg of the sheep and then replaced it with the nucleus of a mammary gland cell that was taken from an adult sheep 

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