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Plate Tectonics Project

Plate Tectonics Project Your project should thoroughly discuss each of these three questions Select an area in the world where two plates are interacting and explain what feature can be seen on the surface of the Earth as a result In the world there are currently multiple areas in which the interaction of tectonic plates can be represented I am going to discuss how as well as provide scientific reasoning to justify the features provided on the surface of the earth due to the Himalayan mountains The phrase Himalaya comes from a Sanskrit word meaning Abode of Snow Due to such snow on the mountain The Nepalese meanings for hima from snow and ālaya for abode meaning home But for buddhists cases the himalayan area is known for by various names such as Himava and Himavanta The Himalayas are known as the result of tectonic plate motions that collided India into Tibet many years ago Due to the great amount of tectonic motion still occurring at the site today the Himalayas have a proportionally high number of earthquakes and tremors

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