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I decided to have a clear image of myself by delineating my Skills

PERSONAL BRANDING ASSIGNMENT Interview And Your Prof Introduction I decided to have a clear image of myself by delineating my skills education and my experiences To find my unique selling point was the most challenging question that I wanted to answer and get a clear picture of it as knowing what you have and what can your offer to your employer is like answering thousands of questions through one questions 5 Core Values Creativity Achievement Way of life Independent Surroundings 5 Strength Technical Skills Skillfully used MS OFFICE to prepare 5 presentations 2 reports and 10 assignments during my bachelor s which provide enlargement to my grades Accounting Skills Interpreted and analyzed financial data for the procrastination of next year sales margin for Crown Diesel in 2016 Creative Skills Participated in Slogan Writing Competition in University Level and won 2nd position Communication Skills Effectively interacted with more than 100 people while being a volunteer in Fusion Festival Surrey B C Teamwork Skills Coordinated a team of 8 people in a marketing mettle festival for 1 month and expanded the profits by 500 than the last year 2 Weaknesses Impatient I respond spontaneously without thinking much I am working on it by making notes knowing its pros and cons and then reacting to an issue Emotional Sometimes I get hurt very easily To overcome this I am ignoring silly things of people because that is eventually hampering my peace of mind 3 Personality Traits Helpful 

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