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The concept of living in a postmodern world

I am going to discuss the concept of living in a postmodern world by focusing on gender as a social category I will do this by focusing on feminist viewpoints including structural post structural and post feminist perspectives Feminist outlooks offer descriptive frameworks that surround the idea of gender relations to aid political action and changes To begin in order to argue that we live in a postmodern world it is important to define the terms modernism and postmodernism Barth claims that modernism and postmodernism synthesises and combines ideas to create a broader understanding of the terms Cuddon defines Modernism as A very comprehensive term applied to international tendencies and movements in all the creative arts since the latter end of the 19th c Postmodernism can be seen as an intellectual movement where Lyotard suggests grand narratives are rejected in order to make way for smaller more convincing narratives The first issue I am going to address in this essay is the unequal wage gap between women and men in the workplace Despite The Equal Pay Act being in place today employers still underpay women in the same job as men The Equal Pay Act 1970 states that men and women must be paid equally for doing the same role or broadly similar in the workplace This law came about when 7 women who worked for the Ford Motor Company sewing car seats walked out of their jobs They were notified that their job skills category were downgrading from a category C job more skilled production job to a category B less skilled production job and that they were also being paid 15 less that men who were also in a the same job 

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