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Case Synopsis Sue Ryan is a veteran in managerial Roles

She works at at Solutions She was the successful manager in this company Sue Ryan bought a franchise business that is already established Instead of creating the superior subordinate relationship considered the same level of hierarchy The attitude of Sue Ryan is to develop managerial skill among workers From the employee Candace Stathis is the successful managerial protégée Sue Ryan had a misconception that the employees cannot handle managerial role and they sat and do nothing It cleared the misconception by Candace Stathis The leadership of Candace Stathis enhanced the operational effectiveness Finally in 2011 the business won a golden paw for the safety standards and percentage of revenue Question 1 In what ways does Sue Ryan perform each of the three basic managerial roles interpersonal informational and decision making Managerial roles that is necessary for manager to get success in an organization The basic managerial roles are interpersonal decision making and information Sue Ryan has a good interpersonal role It is performed by treating all staffs in a same level The encouragement and coordination towards employees enhanced performance of firm effectively and efficiently Decision making is another managerial role Sue Ryan taken some strategies in decision making decision making process had done to develop the managerial skill among employees It can improve the performance of an organization It is also enhanced workers participation in management Information role of Sue Ryan is successfully done in her managerial role She disseminated organization view organization goal and employees status in an organization clearly to employees I

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