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Research about analysis of basic Visual Element in Packaging Design.

Packaging design is a creative business that connects form structure materials, color, imaginary typography and ancillary design elements with product information to make a product suitable for marketing Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 33. Besides packaging design is an effective advertisement for each product that sells to consumers. Moreover advertising agencies work with companies to create a packaging design that involves the creation of a product and how it looks to consumers attract to purchase it. Packaging design provides the consumer with clear and specific information, whether consciously or subconsciously and possible a point of comparison which one appears to be a more effective product a better value, a more convenient package purchase is incited Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 36. Therefore it is an alternative way to promote their product and helps to protect their product. Making frequently difficult decisions on technical criteria is part of the packaging designer’s role Bill 2007 p 5. Nowadays, changing market trends put many responsibilities on who those design of the product packaging and it will label of a company. The first step toward this goal is to understand design principles, how design elements are affected by their relationship to one another and how this impacts the overall visual communication Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 79.

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Ascertaining the Price Sensitivity of Consumer Transportation

The law of demand as a rule of thumb states that when the price of any good or service rises the quantity demanded for this aforementioned good or service will fall. It is more significant to find out the level of such fall in quantity demanded, thereby ascertaining the price sensitivity of consumers. In light of the above we look at the concept of price elasticity of demand to understand changes in consumer travel patterns i.e the effect due to the change in transport prices ie the cause. At the end of this essay we learn the importance of price elasticity of demand for Transport policy and decision making and Setting the appropriate fare.

 2 Passenger transport basic concepts. It is essential to define the concept of transport and distinguish it from mobility and traffic before we go further. Transport is defined as the movement of people freight or information. Our area of concentration here is people i.e passenger transport. Below are the key statistical parameters applicable to passenger transport. Number of trips, journeys. Passenger kilometres pkm. Utilization rate pkm pkm Cap 100. Also below are the modes of transport and their specific means applicable to passenger transport and not freight transport. Modes of transport Means of transport Road, Transport, Motor Vehicles Vehicles without Motor Rail Transport Rail Vehicles Inland Navigation Inland Waterway Vessels, Maritime transport, Ocean going vehicles, Air transport ,Airplanes.

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Impacts of Political and Economic Factors on Marketing in Emerging Markets Economies

August 2017 TABLE OF CONTENTS ITEM PAGE Introduction. .4 Economic Factors. 4 Political Factors. 6 Recommendations. 7 Conclusion. 8 References. 10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

With the emergence of the developed nations shifting their focus towards the emerging economies a lot of international investors have had an interest in setting up ventures and marketing their products and services in them. These emerging markets characterized by fast economic growth, numerous investment opportunities, high risk, and high returns have been a hotcake even for international financing bodies like IMF and the World Bank. However, despite these positive indications there have been impeding factors that have either slowed or hindered the growth of the economies both political and economic. This report is presented to the World Trade Organization serves to highlight some of the major political and economic factors that have presented a challenge to the international investors from marketing their products and services to the emerging economies and also recommend possible practicable ways to solve them.

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Marketing research on advertisement strategies to meet customers needs

Rockelle Gardner American Public University System MKTG400, Course Final, December 2017. Business Problem regarding Selection of Target Customer. In order to deliver the customer base with the product or service demanded and preferred by them an organization needs to select the target customer in a strategic manner MaRS 2009. Incorrect selection of target customers often leads to failure of business campaigns online and offline. It has been estimated that in the UK only 47 campaigns succeed to fulfill the needs and demands of the target customer base while others fail miserably. The prime reason behind this failure being a selection of ineffective target customers Gee 2016. Even Malaysia Airlines set the prime example of failure in its campaign named my ultimate bucket list when the company succumbed to the bucket list contests set by other airlines Burke 2015. Prior to the start of a new business or launch of a new product in the existing market an organization needs to conduct in-depth marketing research for targeting the appropriate group of customers. It is a matter of fact that ventures gain popularity and long term success due to effective marketing research while identifying the most productive target market Zikmund Babin Carr and Griffin 2013. This research also includes identification of the problems of the customers while pointing out realistic competitors. Effective marketing research helps the businessmen in keeping up with the ongoing market trends while maintaining a competitive edge through proper framing of the business opportunity Zikmund et al 2013.
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